Good Vibrations - Smile Recording Session

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Prepare for a journey back in time as we revisit a seminal moment in music history - the creation of "Good Vibrations" by the inimitable Beach Boys. Where does our journey take us? To none other than the renowned Studio A at Columbia Studios in Los Angeles, a space steeped in music legend.

When do we find ourselves? The memorable day of October 10, 1966, when "Good Vibrations" burst onto the scene as a standout single. This singular track was brought to life in the hallowed recording space of Studio A, where countless legendary sounds were birthed.
Behind the lens, capturing the Boys hard at work, was Guy Webster, whose knack for encapsulating the energy and spirit of the moment is second to none. His photograph freezes in time the iconic moment, allowing us a peek into the birth of a track that would reverberate through the decades.
So, fellow music devotees, are you ready to soak up the good vibes? This isn't just about reliving a moment; it's about appreciating the journey of a track that started as part of an album and ended up defining an era. It's a piece of music history waiting to be discovered, explored, and most importantly, celebrated.
Archival digital print
Printed on 100% Cotton Rag Platine 310gsm
Limited edition of 50 in each size

Certificate of Authenticity

This print includes a Certificate of Authenticity to certify that the limited edition print is authentic and from The Beach Boys Official Collection. The certificate is stamped with the Beach Boys official stamp and guaranteed as represented. 

Size: 16x20



Size: 16x20, 20x24
Photographer: Guy Webster
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