Catching A Wave

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In the summer of 1967, Capitol Records and The Beach Boys' publicist, Derek Taylor, hosted a memorable day at Zuma Beach with the Wilson family. Photographers Ken Veeder and George Jerman captured candid moments like this that later adorned The Beach Boys’ Wild Honey album cover and the unreleased Lei’d In Hawaii live album.

Size: 16x20 inches

16x20 inches
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The head of the Capitol Records photography department for 18 years from the 1950s until it was disbanded in the early 1970s.

Known and respected for his work that captured the ‘men’ that built the Capitol Tower – Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra – Ken Veeder also shot Dean Martin, Gene Vincent, the Letterman, The Kingston Trio, Nancy Wilson and many others. Ken captured The Beach Boys' iconic shoot at Paradise Cove and in early recording sessions rehearsing and recording at Capitol Studios. Learn more about Ken Veeder here.


A Capitol Records staff photographer during the 50s and 60s, George Jerman was the lead photographer on The Beach Boys legendary album Pet Soundsat the San Diego Zoo on February 10th, 1966.

In addition, George shot the band for Stack O’ Tracks and a number of studio sessions for Beach Boys Party!, plus he assisted Ken Veeder at the Zuma Beach shoot in July 1967 that contributed images to Wild Honey. Learn more about George Jerman here.