Sailing Away - Limited Release Giclee Print

$150.00 USD
A rare outtake from the album shoot for Summer Days (And Summer Nights) taken on a sail boat trip out to Santa Catalina Island in the late spring of 1965. This photo features Bruce Johnston who was on the boat that day, but not pictured on the official album cover. The album was released on June 28, 1965 and was The Beach Boys' second album of that year, containing iconic songs like "California Girls" and "Help Me Rhonda". Photographed by Ken Veeder. This 11x14 giclee is printed on 245gsm archival paper and stamped with the official stamp of The Beach Boys.

Size: 11"x14"




The head of the Capitol Records photography department for 18 years from the 1950s until it was disbanded in the early 1970s.

Known and respected for his work that captured the ‘men’ that built the Capitol Tower – Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra – Ken Veeder also shot Dean Martin, Gene Vincent, the Letterman, The Kingston Trio, Nancy Wilson and many others. Perhaps best known for his collaboration with Sinatra during his heyday and his studio and cover shots for Songs for Swingin' Lovers. Ken was popular with the artists and widely respected by the staff of the photography department helping mentor and grow numerous careers.

His iconic shoot with the young Beach Boys in July 1962 at Paradise Cove, Malibu helped shape their image and brand through the use of their Pendleton shirts, Denis Wilson’s longboard and a borrowed yellow truck from Calypso Joe, who used it to serve food at the beach. Ken Veeder also captured The Beach Boys in early recording sessions rehearsing and recording at Capitol Studios for the debut release of "Surfin' Safari". They were truly "boys" Carl Wilson aged 15, Dennis 17, Brian 20, Mike Love 21 and David Marks 14.

After leaving Capitol Records when the department was closed down, Veeder continued to photograph and shape the image of musicians and their art including helping on Olivia Newton-John’s GRAMMY®-winning "Physical" in 1981.